How to Get a Google Grant for Free AdWords Advertising on Your Fundraising Website

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If your charity or nonprofit group has a website, part of raising awareness involves driving traffic and creating a network of visitors. However, investing heavily in advertising or marketing isn’t usually an option; most nonprofits need to allocate their funds in other places and prirotize spending; online advertising usually doesn’t make the cut! However, joining forces with Google offers a new opportunity with a Google Grant for AdWords.

Fundraising is a challenging process, and without the necessary funding to drive programs and committees, it can become difficult to find the money needed to benefit your cause. In the same way that a business uses Google AdWords to purchase advertising and promote their brand across various channels, a nonprofit or fundraising website can also maximize its online exposure. A Google Grant can be just you’re your program needs to get started since advertising budgets are usually in short supply. If you’re a part of a fundraising committee or nonprofit organization, let Google join forces with your website and enjoy steady increases in traffic and awareness.

The Google Grant offers free AdWords advertising credits to approved nonprofit organizations, charity websites, and committees. Google can help your fundraising committee increase traffic, spread your message across multiple networks and boards, and increase page rankings in the process. Google has donated over 30 million dollars of free advertising to approved nonprofit aorngaiations. Applications are accepted year round, and each nonprofit must supply a 501(c)(3) for review. All applicants who are approved are then assigned a Google Grants specialist who can help set up the most effective Google AdWords campaign. Recipients receive a minimum of three months of free advertising with a monthly cap of $10,000. This is an excellent way for any nonprofit to start diversifying its awareness-building activities on the web. Not only can this create incrased page rankings, but can help to limit and offset costs involved with offline promotiosn as well.

The AdWords process is fairly simple. Your nonprofit will start by bidding on keywords htat perform well on Google searches, and the Google Specialist can help you do this. You will need to write some creative copy for the advertisement, as this will appear under the link on the search page. After setting up your ad, you can start tracking statistics to see how many people are clicking on your ads, and where the ad is being displayed most consistently.

A Google Grant is a great way for nonprofits and fundraising organizations to increase awareness and exposure on the web. Google AdWords has proven to be a leading way to promote a business online; now charities and fundraising committees can take advantage of free funding for a successful AdWords campaign!