How to Set Up Google AdWords

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The Google AdWords advertising platform is a useful tool for businesses of all sizes. By combining well-written ads with intelligent targeting, you can put your ad in front of a lot of prospective customers at a very low price. This article will show you how to build your ad so you can target the right audience, advertise alongside the right keywords and get your prospective customer to take action.

Step 1

Navigate to the AdWords website (see Resources) on your web browser and log into your account.

Step 2

Create a new campaign, then create a new ad group under that campaign.

Step 3

Choose the geographic areas and devices you’d like to target. For instance, if you are advertising a local business, make sure your ad runs only in your target area.

Step 4

Advertise alongside keywords that don’t have a lot of competition. It might be more effective to show your ad when someone searches Google using a two- or three-word phrase. Your advertising will be more targeted and your chances of converting a sale will go up.

Step 5

Use “Calls-to-Action” when writing the text of your AdWords ad. A call-to-action phrase tells the user to do something. For example, “Buy Now – 80% Off”.