Improve Your Current PPC Conversions

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One of the most common mistakes that PPC marketers are currently making today is the fact that they simply just don’t analyze their PPC campaigns in a way that makes sense. They’re wasting time looking at the wrong stats. Before you can begin to look at the actual conversions and S/U numbers, you have to take the time to look at the amount of impressions you have. Head on over to your PPC account and take a look. The next thing you want to do is look at how many clicks you’re actually getting. If you’re not getting the desired amount of clicks, we need to take the time now and analyze what could be the problem.

Not getting enough clicks

When you are being analytical on your PPC campaigns, the first thing you need to do is look at your headlines. Are they captivating? If they don’t grab your attention right away, you need to reconsider how you’re wording them so that they actually do make you want to click them. The next idea is that the answer lies within your actual ad copy. You have mere seconds to convert the possible lead from a possibility to a conversion. In those mere seconds, you have to be able to control their mind and make them want to click on your ad and not go with someone Else’s ad. You have to write tantalizing copy.

Copy is a completely different ball game than stats or headlines; its all about sounding seductive. If you can sound “seductive” with your advertisements in your PPC campaigns, you’ll succeed. How do you sound seductive in a PPC campaign you might ask? Well, one of the biggest ways is to ask the user a question that really makes them think in the first line and then give them the answer that they want in the second line. Another possibility is to throw claims at them in their face. In some niches though, selling in the ad may not be a good idea and you may be wanting to make sure that you are providing something else within the copy in order to lead them in and make a lead or sale.

Not converting enough clicks

Another thing that can be included in PPC campaigns is the actual landing page. There are many reasons why your current landing page could not be converting, so let us take a look at a few of them. One of the top reasons why your landing page may not be converting is because what you mentioned in your ad copy is completely irrelevant to what is actually on your landing page. The obvious recourse for this issue is to simply change your landing page and actually offer the user something that they need or want. If this isn’t the case, then the next two reasons might be. I have a question for you first, how is your current landing page designed? Is it simple and clean or is it messy and cluttered? What you ultimately want with a landing page is something that delivers. It needs to deliver by presenting the user your product or service in a very neat way so that the user is instantly drawn to your copy which brings me to my next point.

Another thing you have to be aware of is the fact that your copy may just suck. If your copy is boring and dull, who would want to buy your product? You need to analyze your copy and get unbiased opinions through testing on how your copy sounds. You need to ultimately make the user want to buy your product or service. That is the ultimate goal which can be achieved by writing flowing content that makes the user go through the page saying, “Wow, I’m really starting to like the sounds of this.” You could have the absolute worst product in the world with the worst idea but if you market it well and you convert users with your copy, it will sell.

I hope that with these tips, you’ll find yourself being more successful and have more conversions when you go to market your next PPC campaigns.