Is Organic Link Building Dead?

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An organic link is a solid link, one that you did not advertise for or solicit. It came to you because a reader liked what you have on your site or blog so much they decided on their own that they wanted to link to you. To satisfy such visitors and readers, you have to have quality content presented in a pleasing and easy to use web site. So you can make a free website for kids, or spend some money on web page design software and create some of the best Flash websites around; whatever level you are going for, you will need your site or blog to generate visits. Organic Links are a great way to get this traffic started at no extra cost to you.

If another blogger or a webmaster created an organic link to your site, it is because they like your content and the style of your web page. If you do not neglect how your web page visually can appeal to your readers, you will gain organic links and you will not have devoted any of your precious time for this benefit. This is why mastering how to garner organic links should be a skill that you hone and keep current; getting something for very little input will never go out of style.

Generate the most out of any new visitor by making sure that you have made it easy for them to link to your site. Do this by providing a link to me page, and if you are on any social network be sure to put that logo and a link to your page for those networks.


Anytime and anyway you network, you are strengthening your position. You can network for your ecommerce website as well for a personal blog and do it online and/or face to face. Anywhere you find a person interested in the subject you blog about or the product you are offering online – hand them your business card or send them an email with your url. Warning: if you are blindly and desperately just pushing people to visit your site; your cards and emails will go right in the trash. You have to talk, have a real conversation, listen to those who you want to become your readers, your fans or your clients.

Part of what I call networking is also visiting and commenting on other blogs. Posting a comment like “interesting post” won’t do, but actually posting a few sentences on what you think about what you just read will generate interest in you. Become part of a community, talking and interacting over some issues.

Respecting Authority

If you have a niche topic on your business websiteor personal blog, you can set yourself up an authority in that subject. If you are able to keep on top of cutting edge information and keep a lively readership going, search engines may see you as an authority in this area. If this happens, you will naturally be bumped up higher in their results lists.

BUT THE LAST WORDS ARE: Don’t Rely On Organic Links

While organic links are awesome, take little work and give you solid, stable and long term connections; they can only do so much. You have to augment your quality free website design and state-of-the-art content and products with a little work. So do not neglect links you go out and make, buying links from proven sites, crediting links in articles and videos you may use; and don’t forget the connection with your social networks.