Pay Per Click – What is It?

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If you have a website than you may have heard the words pay per click. Many of us are left wondering exactly what pay per click is. If we know, we are left wondering if it will help us. Pay per click is a marketing tool that you can add to your website. Through pay per click you can make money with your website. Pay per click can be a very useful tool.

Let’s start by explaining what exactly is pay per click. Websites display ads. When a visitor to their site clicks on the ad, the website earns revenue. These are pay per clicks. There are few different companies out there. At the moment the largest is Google adsense at You can sign up for a Google Adsense account. You then get the snippet of code added to your site. In a matter of minutes you can be making money with pay per click on your own website.

There is quite a bit of fraud out there with pay per click programs though. Advertisers are paying you to bring traffic to their websites. Many people will have people just click on the pay per click ads on their sites to earn them their revenue. Or they may click on their own pay per click advertising. Google now has implemented safe guards against this type of fraud. They can track ISPs and know when people are using fraudulent techniques to boast their pay per click revenue.

So what does pay per click do for you? If you have a personal website you can add pay per click. Have a content site, or even a blog you can add pay per click advertising to these also. As I mentioned before it takes only a few moments to get the snippet of code. And it is very easy to add. You can usually change the looks of the pay per click ad to match your own website style within their setup page. Adding these to your website or blog could bring you in money. Pay per click can bring you in from a few pennies a month to the reported thousands of dollars some people make. The more traffic you bring into your site the more likely it is for people to click on your pay per click ads.

You do need to read the terms of service thoroughly. There are certain things you can not do. I will use the terms of service for google adsense pay per click program as an example. There are prohibited uses. Such as a third party manually going in and clicking on your pay per click, or the use of robots. You can not use terms in your content such as click on the google adsense code. You can not direct people away from the pay per click ads or misdirect them. This is just a few of the conditions. It is also only Google Adsense pay per click. Others have different requirements. Make sure you read the terms of service completely.

Pay per click can well be worth your time. It may not bring you in thousands to begin with. The potential is there though. After all those pennies you earn to begin with using pay per click may add up to thousands later on.