Paying Per Click with AdWords and AdSense: Google’s Revolutionary Win-win Concept of Advertising

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When you use Google’s AdWords, you write your own ads to appear on the Internet. These feature keywords to make your ads to come up embedded on pages that a person is reading when those pages have content that calls up the keywords in your Google AdWords advertisement. The AdWords advertisements are unobtrusive. With them, you as a business owner are marketing to a targeted audience that already shows interest in your products and services to one degree at least to a certain extent. The readers of your ads just use their mice to point, click, and learn about you and be inspired to buy from you. Google AdWords allows you to put new targets on the market so that you send your signals out to a wider audience. Google AdWords also permits you to edit and customize your ads within your budget until you have them exactly as you want. You only pay a commission to Google when a reader clicks your ad. It’s a win-win situation.

Related to AdWords, Google’s AdSense gives you a way to make money through pay-per-click (PPC) commissions. With Google AdSense, you allow Google to place unobtrusive and visually matched advertisements on your website. These advertisements are relevant to the content on the page of your website that they appear on, as they use a web crawler to key in on words and phrases at the webpage and then send a timely, relevant ad. Every time someone who is reading at your website clicks on the ad, you get paid a commission no matter if they use the company’s services or buy its products or not. With AdSense, the visitors to your site are part of targeted traffic. AdSense avoids the hit-and-miss of conventional marketing and advertising, making for a more efficient and lucrative system of producing business and advertising revenues. You can customize the ads that appear at your site for color, font, and other features so that they go along with the image, design, and content of your website or blog, making the advertising utterly unobtrusive and “form fitting”.

Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is also sometimes referred to as Pay Per Position, Pay Per Placement, or Pay Per Ranking advertising. The reason you would use Pay Per Click advertising on the Internet is to have your business be listed at the top of the results of a search engine through using keywords that define the nature of your business, service, and products. You place higher bids in order to get your advertisement placed higher, or earlier, in the results of a search engine’s scan. You don’t pay any fees to have your advertisement placed with a Pay Per Click advertising program; you just pay a commission to the host company every time somebody clicks on your ad. The higher the amount that you’ve bid, the higher the commission you need to pay each time; however the reason for bidding higher is that this higher bid in turn is getting your ads materialized first, making for a win-win situation in which you have zero surprises or hidden costs.