Photo Contest!

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Well, I have to give DazzlinDonna and Toddieg credit for this idea, but I think its a good one.

The First Ever, contest!

No, this isnt an SEO contest… there are plenty of those around right now (my favorite of which is the one is holding for the term Redscowl Bluesingsky) sorry about that, I couldn’t help myself.

Anyway, back to the point. We are hosting a Photo contest. Many of you have seen that we recently started pre-sales on our shirts.

Well, for those of you that do order, this contest is for you. Take a picture, please keep them PG13 toddieg, with the T-shirt in the picture, email it to me at with your SEOrefugee screen name and I will place your entry in the contest. We will then open a poll where people can vote for their favorite pictures. The one with the most votes, wins.

Well, that depends on how large the contest gets. So far the winner will receive a blog post about them including a link or two to their favorite sits, as well as a link to their site from two other sites I control (a PR3 and PR4). Please note, we are requiring no link to our site or anything of that nature. This is just something to let our members have a bit of fun. Since this is our first contest I am sure that I left important details out. If so, please ask or point them out and I will update the contest announcement accordingly. Thank you all very much and good luck!