Reminder: Protect and Backup Your Sites!

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With the recent rash of hackings, security is naturally on the minds of a lot of website owners. If nothing else, the hackings yesterday have once again provided us with a reminder that we need to always be vigil about the security (and backups) of our site. Updates to software seem to be coming out constantly and it can get overwhelming, but in the end, you’ll likely spend more energy recovering from an attack than you will upgrading.

And now, the point of this post: The site’s that were exploited yesterday were vulnerable due to a security gap in WordPress, a popular blogging platform. While WordPress released an update yesterday that should fix the problem, extra security measures wouldn’t be a bad idea. Enter Pittbug. The same member that brought us the code to get the full referral URL out of Google Analytics, has shared a way to further protect your WordPress based blog by modifying your .htaccess file. If you run WP, make sure you upgrade to version 2.0.7 and then take a look at Pittbug’s post for even more security.

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