Review of SEObooks’s Glossary

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I’ve always enjoyed reading Aaron Wall’s SEObook blog, however, I hadn’t ever looked at their SEO glossary until now. I don’t know if I just had my head in the sand or whether they just hid it in plane sight, but I’ve definitely missed out. A link to the glossary should be included in every newbie section of any SEO site. Much as Wall’s SEObook should be required reading for anyone looking to step into the SEO arena, his glossary should be considered one of the top SEO forum companions out there. As with any profession, SEOs often speak in their own lingo and assume the rest of the world knows what we are talking about. The only problem is, that’s simply not the case, hence the need for a glossary as complete and thorough as this.
The glossary itself is pretty easy to navigate. It’s sorted by letter, however, I do wish it were easily search able. The search box on the right hand side of the page seems like it would be a search of the glossary, but it’s actually a site-wide search, which, while useful, isn’t quite what I was expecting. Although, you can also just type in the word you’re looking for in the url. For example, if you were looking for the definition of “banner blindness” the proper url would be Other than the searchability issue, I have nothing but praise for the glossary.

Also, I should mention that it’s also not just for those new to SEO. As I read through it, I found more than a few names and terms that I hadn’t heard of before (and I’ve been surrounded by this stuff for years now). For example, do you know what a meme is? Yeah, neither did I. I rest my case…