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Author: | Posted in SEO Reviews 1 Comment homepageIn any site review the first thing that springs up is the look and feel of the site. Sometimes it’s an unpleasant greeting or even an assault on the senses but in the case of I was pleasantly surprised. The website has a clean and simple look to it that is easy on the eyes. There are two clear call to actions, they either want you to call them, or sign up for a free trial of their lead management software, and there’s not a ton of other stuff going on that would distract you from them. If there is any negative at all it would be the narrowness of the site. These days more and more people have much more real estate on their screens and can handle wider websites. This would allow AIMpromote to present even more information and include more copy on the page. However, I obviously don’t have access to their log files and can’t tell what resolutions are most popular with their demographic. And, if that’s the only issue with the appearance of your site, you’re doing better than most.

Moving on to the search engine side of things, the site is doing fairly well in that department as well. There are, however, a few more areas I feel would benefit from a bit of work. First and foremost, let me state that the site actually ranks pretty well for their targeted terms which are certainly competitive. When I checked, the site came up 4th in Google for the the term [lead management] and 10th for [crm software]. (For those of you not familiar with the term CRM here’s a brief explanation.) That’s no small feat so obviously they’re doing something right. As we all know though, unless you’re ranking #1 for all your targeted terms, there’s always room for improvement.

So, what are some areas that could use improvement? As frequent readers of these site reviews will know, the first area I check is always the title tag. In this case, AIMpromote does a fairly good job. The title currently reads “Lead Management | AIMpromote CRM Software”. Personally I’d rather see the CRM Software switch places with AIMpromote to put just a tiny bit more emphasis on the CRM aspect but really, they can probably leave it the way it is.

The next aspect of the site that I examined was the code. The site makes use of quite a few tables and things of that nature that, while not necessarily bad, could probably be done cleaner via CSS. This would make the code on the page much more simple and allow the content to be read higher up on the page. Again this is one of those things that would provide a very small benefit if any so I wouldn’t put a whole lot of weight on addressing it. Also, I’d like to see the “On-Demand Lead Management” used as a header with the H1 tag. As I’ve said before, the on page aspects of optimization are the ones we have the most control over so I personally would suggest making the most out of those opportunities. That’s not to say high rankings can’t be achieved without it, but I’ll take any edge I can get in competitive SERPs like this.

Another on page factor that could use some work would be the internal linking. AIMpromote does link to it’s internal pages with good anchor text, however, they aren’t linking to the right pages. For example, on the home page there are two different instances of lead management being used as the anchor text to link to a page other than the home page. Since the home page is the page that ranks for that term, they’d be better off targeting a slightly different term for their interior page, and making sure any links using lead management, or CRM, or CRM software were linking back to the home page. In this example, the lead management links take you to a page that compares AIMpromote’s service with their competitors. Changing the links to “lead management comparison” would give that page two more links with great anchor text.

In fact, that page currently ranks 3rd in Google for lead management comparison and with some optimization work, it could rank #1 for that term. While it’s a term that probably is searched for much less than some of their other targeted terms, think of what a benefit it would be to present your case first to someone that’s comparison shopping for your product!

In general, it’s this internal linking issue that I feel is the one that would benefit AIMpromote the most to address. Personally I’d like to see a bit more copy on the site as well (mostly because it offers more internal linking opportunities) but again, the site is doing fairly well with the amount it has currently and it probably could still reach the #1 spot without more.

So, there you have it, my recommendations for Just as a quick side note, if any of you are in sales or a lead related business and you don’t currently use some sort of CRM software or lead management software, you really should look into it. The short time I spent selling cars would have been hell had I not had a system in place to track my leads and keep them, as well as myself, organized.

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