Sponsored Review: An Interesting Request

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Normally for a Sponsored Review I charge anywhere between $150 and $300 depending on the requirements etc. However, when I saw this opportunity I knew I had to write about it even though the maximum bid was set at $50.  A lot has been said and written lately about reputation management via SEO and other online marketing tactics but this is the first time I’ve seen a Sponsored Review used in this manor.

You see, the review request, rather than asking me to link to one site as most have,  this review asked me to link to 3 sites, none of which were owned by the advertiser! The review asked me to link to Navtej Kohli’s profile on Digg, Navtej Kohli on FaceBook, and Navtej Kohli on LinkedIn. Now I’m not sure how many organic searches are made for Navtej’s name, however, in this day and age of social media, personal branding, and “Google’ing” by potential employers, having control of the search results for your name is definitely not a bad idea. So you see, not only is it a new and interesting way to used SponsoredReviews, but they saved money by piquing my curiosity.

Obviously what you’ve just read was a sponsored post. If you’d like me to review your website in this space, please feel free to place an order through SponsoredReviews. And remember, if you make it interesting, you might just save yourself some money!

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