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The owners of AvotMedia.com asked me to take a look at their site and let them know what I think. Well, to be more precise, they asked me to take a look at their three sites. First on the list is their corporate site. Upon visiting the site it’s immediately obvious that Avot deals with mobile phones and videos. However, what exactly they do is not as clear as I would have hoped. According to the product site, “Avot mV is a premier video delivery platform for web enabled mobile phones. It enables users to search, personalize and play videos from the Internet.” While that doesn’t make it much clearer, the gist of it is that it’s a sort of social video sharing site for cell phones. There really is no excuse for a site not to tell you exactly what their product or service is, in a simple, easy to understand manner.

If, like me, you’d rather just SEE what the site does, and you have a phone that supports both web browsing and streaming video (a list of supported phones can be found here), you can take Avot mV for a test drive fairly easily.

If you have a feature phone or an Apple iPhone, please visit http://avotmv.com using your mobile browser

If you have a Windows mobile phone, please visit http://avotmv.com using your mobile browser to download our client application

Don’t have a video phone but still want to see what Avot mV has to offer? No worries, they’ve provided the video below as a guided tour of the service. Why they don’t have this on their home page I have no idea. The service is still in beta so perhaps the site still has a few changes coming its way as well. Either way, here’s the video:

One aspect that jumped out at me was that Avot is obviously open to input. They have provide a contact email, a “Feedback” link at the top of each page, and even an official Avot Media Blog. The blog is pretty sparse right now but in terms of interacting with the public and potential customers, a blog is one of the best methods available. All in all, Avot mV looks like it’s off to a good start but could definitely still use some work.

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