State of the Refuge….

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I expected this week to be a relatively slow week in terms of the forums but boy was I wrong. In fact, its been so busy that I already have enough information to warrant another State of the Refuge post and since this weekend is another holiday weekend, I figured I’d better get this in now.

Whats happening?
Well, we broke the 100 member mark today, just one month and one day after the launch of the forum. Thank you all for helping and keep up the good work!

We also received our first mention in the popular blog at The blog entry highlights our discussion of DazzlinDonna’s self titled “Kooky Theory” about a possible seasonal element in Google’s algorithm.

Another very interesting thread that I’d like to highlight is our discussion about the future of SEO. This discussion has been very active and offers a lot of different insights into the different possibilities in the future of SEO and more broadly, search itself. The discussion centers around RMCcarley’s article of the same title found at

As promised, we were treated to an interview with Wit on the topic of Wikipedia and its implications for SEO.

Coming Up
The trend of interviewing experts as well as guest authors will continue in the next few weeks as I have secured an interview with SEO Elite creator Brad Callen. In terms of guest authors, Big Doug has an excellent article in store for next week which I am sure will be a great read. Be sure to check back often so you don’t miss those items!

Also as I mentioned earlier in the week, we will soon be announcing an interesting members only item in the coming weeks that you wont find at any other SEO forum on the web.

Well, I think that’s all I have for you in this New Years shortened edition of State of the Refuge. I’d like to wish you all a safe and fun New Years. May all the top spots be yours in the coming year… unless of course your competing against me
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