Targeted Marketing with Pay Per Click

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Pay Per Click is an advertising method that gives the advertiser more control. Essentially the advertiser pays a specified amount of money to a search engine or webmaster every time a readers clicks on the advertisement. The amount paid can run from a few cents to a few dollars. If the advertiser is paying a search engine the importance or weight given to the advertisement depends on the amount being paid.

In today’s society people are not drawn in by classified ads or advertising the way they used to be. Using this Pay Per Click or PPC lets the advertiser target people who are looking for their product. Sometimes the targeting is done to a very specific demographic or subject.

When targeting a specific subject, it is called a niche. When a reader clicks on your advertisement the page they go to, the landing page, should be carefully selected. It should definitely be about the word or words clicked. Ideally those words should be on the page more than once.

Although there is an art to using Pay Per Click there are also greater rewards to using this technique. Every advertiser has a budget. PPC allows that budget to be used more effectively in finding the right people. It also lets the dollars stretch farther because a lump sum is not dedicated to whoever might see the ad.

This type of advertising has grown quickly. If you are new to PPC you need to be very aware of your daily budget until you have more experience. It is important to be regularly evaluating the keywords you are using. This is not the type of advertising to ‘set and forget’. Even if you have experience with Pay Per Click monitoring on a regular basis will enable you to spot problems and trends early in the process.

For the website owner who has your advertisements, you are providing a small amount of money for them to be able to keep doing what is important to them. Many blog owners have Pay Per Click advertisements on their blog. In some cases they may even make a little extra income from this type of advertising.

Pay Per Click is one of the quickest ways to get traffic. A new website or even a new blog will take anywhere up to three months to be established. If done properly PPC give you traffic from day one. Unfortunately PPC does not give repeat traffic. Ideally the advertiser uses it to gather names and email addresses to market to long term.
This article is written from personal experience
by Mylinda Elliott