The Complete Guide to Linkbaiting

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I know some SEO’s have resisted the Linkbaiting trend and simply glaze over when they hear the term. However, SearchEngineLand has an article that I think every SEO should read. The article is called 2007 Guide to Linkbaiting: Year of the Widgetbait? and it’s written by a Nick Wilson, the CEO of ClickInfluence. It’s not often that I think an article or blog post is a MUST READ but this one qualifies. Nick breaks down the risk vs. reward on several different types of linkbait, and discusses everything from how to price linkbaiting services to why linkbaiting beats link building in terms of SEO. The only issue I had with the article was Nick’s example of what link building is. Personally I haven’t sent out link requests in years, but maybe I’m a minority in that. And, either way, the point remains a valid one. Linkbaiting offers the best return on your time if done right. Just go read the article. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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