Welcome to the SEOrefugee Blog!

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Well, SEOrefugee.com finally has a blog. We will be posting as frequently as possible at first and will hopefully set up a regular schedule so you will be sure to catch every entry. Our focus will of course be SEO topics but in keeping with our style around here, we might wander off topic every now and then…

One of the most important features of our blog setup is the link you will see after every blog post inviting you to comment in our forums. Each blog post automatically creates a thread in our forum under the Blog Discussion section. Whether you agree or disagree with a post, think the author is full of crap or has just stumbled upon the secret to cracking Google’s algo, you will be able to discuss it with our community of SEO’s. Hopefully the entries will not only be entertaining and infomative, but will also spawn conversations which help us all understand SEO a little bit better.

Also, you wont have to worry about constantly reading my drivel, as we will have entries from several different authors such as RMCcarley, BigDoug, Pops, and hopefully many more. Also, be thinking about articles you’d like to read here as we will be opening to article suggestions and eventually even submissions (which of course you’ll be able to link to your favorite site from). Well I think that about sums it up for now, but be sure to check back like voting in Chicago (early and often). Thanks again to Pops and everyone else who has helped get this site up and running. We’re one step closer!