Why PPC (Pay-per-click) Advertising is Only for Deep Pockets and Broken Websites:

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Why PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising is only for deep pockets and broken websites:

How much is PPC worth? According to Google, just the portion they sell was over four billion dollars (yes four billion with a b!) last year alone! But is it for you? Unless you have very deep pockets, or a website that cannot rank organically, I say no!

Think about this for a moment: the only advertising the search engines sell is the paid links in the margins: how often do you click one?

The statistics tell us that 80 percent of us NEVER click one. There are over 3000 search engines! Add to this widespread (over 40% by some estimates) click-fraud, and you get a scenario which requires a huge ticket to cash flow, even if you have the money to buy clicks on all of them.

Fortunately, there is another way to get on the first page – where THE OTHER 80 PERCENT OF US CLICK EVERY SINGLE DAY!

If you think that natural, or what we call organic first page search engine placement is all smoke and mirrors, you are mistaken: it can be done on purpose, and it is done every day. If you can even think about one month of PPC on Google, you can afford organic placement on all of the search engines.

It is not smoke and mirrors: you see, the search engines cannot sell any PPC unless we all visit them, and we only go there to get something for free: relevant searches.

In order to deliver up relevant searches, they need data: and not machine or program generated data (that is called spam): they need human edited data – otherwise know as real content.

Now to be honest, this is a little bit of an over-simplification, because your website must also be technically correct, a topic for a whole other article: but other than that, all you really need to do to harvest the wealth of the internet by being found in the first page results, is to become a source of that data: an authority source as it is called.

It can be done, is done every day, by people like me, and our clients: and, chances are, you actually do know something useful about your industry or occupation, don’t you?

Sure you do! And that real content can be fed out to the world under creative commons copyright; and, if you do that the right way, you will come up to the top of the search engines ;-)