Will Pay-Per-Play Ads Take Over Internet?

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What are Pay-Per-Play ads?

Pay-Per-Play ads are short 5 second audio commercials that will play anytime you visit a website or blog where the owner of the website or blog has placed a special code on their site that allows the ad to play. The special code comes from NetAudioAds the media company behind Pay-Per-Play.

How does it all work?

NetAudioAds has lined up thousands of companies who will pay them to have their ads played and thousands of website and blog owners who NetAudioAds will pay a percentage of what they are charging the advertisers to allow the ads to play on their websites and blogs. All website and blog owners have to do is sign up with NetAudioAds, register their url(s) and then place the special code on their sites.

The concept is simple and enticing for website and blog owners who will be paid for every visitor to their site(s). And equally enticing for advertisers who will be able to reach a hundred million or more internet users on a daily basis.