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If you’ve not yet encountered a paid post on one of the blogs you read, you need to expand your horizons. Advertisers paying for posts on blogs is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, Shoemoney just completed a single blog post which cost the advertiser $2500! Last month, John Chow, a self proclaimed “dot com mogul” earned $2250 from sponsored posts on his blog. With numbers like these being passed around, I don’t expect to see the “paid post” trend dying out any time soon. Right now, there are 3 main companies that act as middlemen to connect advertisers with willing bloggers, for a fee of course. ReviewMe, PayPerPost, and SponsoredReviews all allow bloggers to make money simply by posting. However, as you might have guessed from the title, this post will be a review of SponsoredReviews.com.

SponsoredReviews (SR) is a relative newcomer on the paid post scene, officially launching earlier this month. Despite the newness, SR has quickly become my favorite paid post service. The reasons are simple, price and control. Unlike PayPerPost, SR allows you to set your own price for each review. You are allowed to set an overall price for your blog:

SponsoredReviews allows you to set your own price, and pays 65%

and you are also allowed to customize your price for each review.

You can also set a customized price for each post

As you may have noticed in the screen shot above, SponsoredReviews pays bloggers 65% of the review price, which means SR is keeping 15% less than their largest competitor ReviewMe. That fact alone is enough to put SR in the top spot in my book, however as I mentioned earlier, the issue that entrenches SR in the top spot as far as I’m concerned is control. Sponsored reviews allows you to proactively approach possible advertisers, rather than sitting and waiting for them to request a review from you.

SponsoredReviews allows bloggers more control

I’ve had an account with ReviewMe for 4 months and had exactly two reviews requested. While this post will be my first review through SR, I’ve only been a member for 2 weeks. AND, I’ll be making as much for this single review as I did for the two ReviewMe posts combined!

However, SponsoredReviews still has areas that it needs to improve upon as well. The first and most obvious issue is the lack of advertisers. By allowing bloggers to “Find Advertisers”, they are putting their list of advertisers on display for all to see. Unfortunately, there aren’t all that many right now. Granted, the site has only been running for a couple of weeks, but if I were running the company I’d have had more advertisers lined up before going live.

Also, I’d encourage SR to offer bloggers more information on pending reviews. Currently, when you log into your account you’ll see a list of your “orders in progress”, and a list of reviews that are “pending advertiser approval.”

An example of a pending review
As you can see in the example, bloggers have no way of knowing whether or not the advertiser has even seen their offer yet. There’s no indication as to whether the advertiser has been active recently or is even still interested in paying for reviews. This is not likely a big issue right now, but as time passes some advertisers are likely to become dormant and a blogger would be wasting his or her time to propose a review.

All in all, I believe SponsoredReviews will be a terrific way for Advertisers to get the word out about their site, product, or service and a great way for Bloggers to monetize their blogs while still delivering quality content to their readers. SR has definitely captured the attention of bloggers by paying out a higher percentage per post than their largest competitor, however if they want to capture significant market share, they’ll need to expand their list of advertisers as well as improve the information available to publishers.

If you’d like your product, service, or site reviewed on this blog, you can do so through SponsoredReviews or ReviewMe.

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